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Bonus panel here.  Read more comics here.

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Follower February...IN AUGUST!


All this month, I’m taking follower requests at Sir’s suggestion. So if you’ve ever wanted to control me for a day, now is your chance! :) I’m going to take requests from my ask box each week and then write about what happened.

Some examples of what I’m looking for are…

I still have zero suggestions in my inbox. That makes me sad. Not quite the level of sad as the Native American in that commercial about litter with the single tear running down his cheek…but pretty close…

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The tension and the angst of this show is straight up killing me…

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I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I couldn’t handle writing about a non-existent sex life, and I couldn’t handle seeing all the happy couples on my dash.


I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I couldn’t handle writing about a non-existent sex life, and I couldn’t handle seeing all the happy couples on my dash.

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Question about anal. My girlfriend and I both really want to try anal but every time we do it, it hurts her. She doesn't bleed or anything and we use a ton of lube and we've tried multiple positions. I've fingered her before as well. I guess it's just a low pain tolerance. She said that I shouldn't stop when she tells me to because she wants to get past the pain but is that a good idea? Should we just go on past it or do something different?

Asked by Anonymous


Ok, I’ve gotten a few questions on anal lately, and let me share some thoughts.

First, you need to understand anatomy. Critically, there are tight sphincter muscles that can be torn if you are careless or too rough. Also, there is a right angle to getting something in someone’s ass. Point it too much toward the bellybutton or too much toward her spine, and it’s eye-wateringly painful in a bad way. Get it right, and it slides in with a pleasant fullness, if she is properly relaxed. Third, the musculature of her ass is different than her pussy. A vagina is designed to hold and clench a penis along its full length. The pressure points when you fuck her ass (I couldn’t let this get too clinical with terminology, so there you go: “fuck her ass”) are different, and the actual sensation may not be as pleasurable for the penis. (This can be outweighed by the psychological impact of making her feel like a completely owned, used little whore, but I digress.) Last, the vagina is self lubricating (duh) and her ass is not (again, duh). Lube is important. Too much lube is probably just enough.

So, armed with this anal enlightenment, where do you go? I think the first step, grasshopper, is you must understand the anus. Good news: you have one too. Seek first to understand your own anus, its likes and dislikes, and then you may venture forth and conquer the entire anal realm. Yes, get your finger “back there” and play with your ass. Even try inserting something in there, and you’ll see what I mean about the angle. There’s a definite right or wrong, and now you know that. If you’re afraid to do this, especially young guys thing they are too manly for “butt stuff”, then you’re silly. Go back to driving loud cars and strutting your machismo, and try again in a few years when you’re ready to understand a little bit deeper. You cannot fuck the ass unless you understand the ass. The quickest path to understanding is through your own ass. I know no more powerful words of anal wisdom than these.

Ok, so now you’ve explored your own ass, and very likely discovered you like the “butt stuff” yourself. (You’re welcome, by the way.) Girls are oddly nervous about their asses, so the first thing you might want to do is address hygiene. An enema will make the experience more pleasurable for her since it will empty stuff out. (Have you ever tried to stuff a beach towel into a full laundry bag? The laundry bag doesn’t enjoy it and the towel doesn’t fit very well. Some socks might also spill out. Not really what you’re looking for.) Also, if you’re into something slightly humiliating, putting a girl over your knee, opening her ass, and giving her the enema yourself might be just what the doctor ordered. (And you can also speak in the Doctor voice and tell her not to worry, her ass, like the Tardis, is bigger on the inside…) So get that shit cleaned out, and then you’re ready to move on to the warmup phase.

Now, give her ass lots of attention. There are more nerve endings there than almost anywhere else in her body. If you play nicely, you can make her feel really good with fingers and tongue. Probe and explore, but be gentle and take your time. Don’t ignore her pussy and clit either. You want her a pliable, dripping, mindless, wet mess who will just beg for your cock in any of her holes. (Convenient, that.) This might take hours if you do the foreplay right, but remember that her ass is sensitive inside. You don’t want to put too many things too far inside for too long, so a finger… then two… stretching… gently… feel those tight little rings of muscles (there are actually two, but this isn’t really an anatomy lesson) loosen. You want to get them tired… that’s what you’re actually doing.

Then she’s ready for the D. Choose your position, but I’d suggest putting her on her back, if for no other reason than it’s nice to look into a slut’s eyes the first time you fuck her tight little ass. Plus, you can say fun things like “so many guys have looked at this ass. In shorts, in dresses, in skirts, in heels… and now it’s mine.” Good stuff. Then I suggest you lube your cock and her ass, and begin to slowly press into her. Fuck her with just the head of your cock. This can be quite nice… just stretch… slowly… and encourage her to relax… You will probably feel her ass open, and then, involuntarily, squeeze around you, pushing you out. (“Shitting you out”, in the vernacular.) Repeat this a few times… each time her ass will be getting a little bit looser as the muscles begin to fatigue.

Then, one time, when you feel her begin to push out, don’t let her. Instead, push gently but insistently into her. You will feel your cock slip past the ring of muscles and deeper into her. At this point, she may begin to panic when she realizes that even if she tightens her ass, she can’t push you out… the muscles don’t seem to “work right” anymore because of how you are inside her. This insertion should be painless and she should feel wonderfully, pleasantly full.

Stroke her body, but hold her with strong, reassuring hands, as you push more and more of yourself into her. Then give her a minute to adjust, look in her eyes, and say “just move your ass when you are ready to fuck slut. That’s right… let me know… just move your slutty little ass on Daddy’s cock whenever you are ready…” Be patient with her, and when she lets you know… fuck her well.

Last thoughts: the vagina can take a real jackhammering, but the ass, not so much. You probably need to be a bit gentler, and the rump ranger cannot ride too many times in one evening. Many girls find the experience to be incredibly intimate, and there is a real sense of vulnerability in having a cock in your ass. Also, many girls cannot feel the sensation of you cumming in her tight little pussy, but they can feel the warmth and the wetness when you cum in her ass… so that is another bonus. (Practical note: there are practical considerations after you cum in a girl’s ass. Semen has an enema effect. When she asks permission to go to the bathroom, I suggest you let her. You have been warned.) At no point in this process should she be in a lot of pain. In fact, most girls are surprised there can be very little or no pain if she is properly relaxed. Pain is your body’s way of saying something is wrong, and this is not a good thing here. Work with the ass, not against it. Be patient.

Go slow. Use lube. Understand the ass. Be gentle. Have fun.

It’s astounding how many men I’ve encountered who are flabbergasted when I suggest lube for anal. I’m so sorry that you didn’t have a teacher who, instead of sending you to detention, made you look up the definition of sphincter when you and a friend were doing a Wayne’s World impression during lunch in the fifth grade.

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Seems fair to me…

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Othello Samira Wiley

DesdemonaSophie Turner

There are captions too, in case you wanted lines. Ugh, I love both of these ladies so much.

And bonus Iago:




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Bimbo for a Day


A suggestion I saw in my ask box a couple of times, this seemed to have the most potential for fun. The earrings are a trigger on their own, so Sir added a couple of safeties and then unleashed the bimbo into the wild, so to speak.

What I noticed differed from previous experiences with the earrings (which you can check out in my journey to submission tab on my main page) is that I became much more acclimated to the dumb, fuzzy feeling. After a few hours it became a more focused mindlessness, if that makes any sense. I just felt more at ease in the bimbo’s purpose…to be happy, bubbly blank, to look pretty and to be incredibly horny and ready to fuck.

Plans had already been made to hang out with the guy. He has no idea about the earrings, but he did notice a difference when I took off my coat at dinner…

"Wow. You…dressed up."

(Just so you know, most of our dates are…casual, in nature. This was the first time in a while we actually went to a sit down restaurant and didn’t just get take out. I was wearing a shirt that was appropriate for the frigid temperature outside but still had a bimbo-esque plunging neckline).

"This?" I chuckled. "Sometimes I just wanna wear something other than a tshirt."

"No, it’s fine," he stammered. "You look nice. With the hair and the earrings…"

Ok, now that sent a tingle down my spine. A pleasant one…I’d never had someone comment on the earrings before, and that sent all these feelings of submission and obedience and the desire to be a good bimbo slut just rushing to the surface and I became incredibly aroused…

Not that the guy could notice with his eyes locked on my cleavage. I swear, sometimes my best weapons work against me. I cleared my throat and he snapped up to finish his thought.

"…you look good. Really good."

I smiled, but internally lamented the fact that the snow and the cold had made it virtually impossible for me to rub my foot up his leg without potentially bruising his shin with my steel toe boots. I am so SICK of this fucking weather, I swear…

After dinner, we took in a movie at the theatre. Back top row, of course, where his hands immediately went to my breasts. My hand immediately went to his crotch for a through-the-pants hand job. Only through the pants because even a bimbo can rationalize that it might be a bit traumatic for the young child in the row below us to find themselves with semen in their hair during what was otherwise a delightful Disney movie. Seriously, Frozen was pretty frickin good…highly recommend.

Then came the part I was most looking forward to with this suggestion…sex. 

Suffice to say, I’m waaaayy more wanton as the bimbo. You name the position, I did it, probably. It’s kind of hard to recall each and every move as it was all kind of a big pleasurable blur. The end result was the guy snoring and myself watching Wahlburgers (which is about the Wahlberg (of the Donnie and Mark variety) restaurant business) and trying to perfect my Bostonian accent.


A reminder of the fun of Follower February. Just think of the fun that can be had in summer…get your suggestions in now, folks!

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I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to better.
Frida Khalo (via breathemystardust)

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Follower February…IN AUGUST!


All this month, I’m taking follower requests at Sir’s suggestion. So if you’ve ever wanted to control me for a day, now is your chance! :)  I’m going to take requests from my ask box each week and then write about what happened. 

Some examples of what I’m looking for are anything from possible hypnotic triggers to sadistic tasks and whatever in between. As a refresher, here’s a link to my kinks, but I also ask that you be respectful of my soft and hard limits. Also, I’m not doing anything that will violate my privacy, so no pictures, folks.

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I really hope to get some participation! 

Looking to do this again in August. Your input is greatly appreciatied!

More Follower February stuff here!